Case Study



Bombardier EFW, Belfast

Main Contractor:

John Sisk & Sons

John Sisk & Sons



Project Engineer:

WML Consulting


Driven recast Concrete Piles

Project details

Taranto installed over 1200No 275mm2 & 350mm2 driven pre-cast concrete piles for a new waste to energy plant for Main Contractor John Sisk & Sons. Using 3No long-mast driven hammer rigs, over a six weeks programme over 22,000 LM for pre-cast pies was installed for the new foundations.

Piles were installed to depths up to 20m, and for specific pile loads of up to 900Kn compression, 350Kn tension & 75Kn horizontal.

Pile testing included Case & CAPWAP dynamic load testing, and also a programme of static kentledge pile load testing on specific working pile positions.