Case Study



Freightliner Development, Dagenham, Hope Construction Materials

Main Contractor:

Toureen Group Ltd

Toureen Group Ltd.


Hope Construction Materials

Project Engineer:

Eastwood & Partners


Pre-cast driven Piles & Pile Testing

Project details

Taranto installed 275mm2 fully reinforced pre-cast concrete piles for a new Railside bagging and loading plant for Main Contactor, Toureen Group Ltd. Over a six weeks programme, 1570 piles were installed to depths of 9m using two hydraulic drop-hammer piling rigs; in total 14100m of pre-cast pile were installed.

Soil investigation reports of the site suggested driven piles would be installed to depths up to 16. However static driven pile calculations provided by Taranto showed that the pile loads required could be achieved through a mixture of end bearing & shaft skin friction, at reduced piles depths of 9m.

A comprehensive pile testing programme was employed to confirm the pile loads proven by static pile calculation were actually achieved on site; this included Case & CAPWAP dynamic pile testing and also 4No static kentledge pile load tests.

The reduced pile depth solution supplied by Taranto provided major saving to our client, both in the costs of the piling works and also through the construction programme.