Case Study



Glen Community Centre, Belfast

Main Contractor:

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd

Glasgiven Construction


North & West Housing Limited

Project Engineer:

Taylor & Boyd Consulting Engineers


Pre-Cast Foundation Packages & King Post Retaining Wall

Project details

Taranto supplied a fully engineered Foundation package for the Glen Community Centre, Belfast for Main Contactor, Glasgiven Contracts. The foundation system consisted of:

  • Driven pre-cast concrete piles to depths up to 9m
  • Pre-cast concrete ground beams
  • Pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete structural ground floor
  • Pre-stressed concrete stairs and landings

Pile depths varied across the brown field site. To ensure the designed pile loads were achieved the working piles were load tested using both the Case and CAPWAP method of dynamic testing.

Before work on the community centre could begin, a retaining wall had to be constructed around two sides of the brown field site. Taranto installed a piled King Post Retaining wall; this was later clad in blockwork by the Main Contractor.