CFA (Contiguous Flight Auger) piling provides a general purpose application for both new and refurbishment projects. The piles are speedily installed using Taranto Ltd's computer-controlled boring equipment which can cater for most ground conditions.

Taranto Ltd offers CFA piles ranging from 300mm diameter up to 600mm diameter which can accommodate substantial working loads, depending on the existing ground conditions.

CFA piling is cost-effective and environmentally sensitive and has an installation process that is both low noise and vibration free.

CFA piles are formed using hollow stem auger boring techniques, which will produce arising from the bores in most ground conditions. Having produced a bore to a calculated depth through known strata, concrete is pumped into the bore under pressure and continues to be pumped as the auger flight is lifted.

Concrete simultaneously fills the void left by the auger extraction. The pile reinforcement is installed in the bore after the pile has been concreted.

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We have a wide range of clients who have used our CFA Piles solutions.

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Gilbert Ash
O'Hare & McGovern
Queens University Belfast
Heron Bros Ltd.
T&A Kernoghan
Weslin Construction Limited
Kelly Brothers Building Contractors
Manley Construction
Mascott Construction

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