Simon Bullivant

Simon Bullivant is one of Europe's leading experts in concrete and piling solutions. Through his expertise and experience you can be sure of getting the most effective and efficient solution for your needs.

Simon has worked in the piling, foundations and precast concrete products market for over 25 years. A graduate of Sheffield University, he worked as a consulting engineer on several major civil engineering projects where he built up a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Simon is not only highly-skilled in the delivery of precast concrete piling, underpinning and precast Foundation Packages but has been heavily involved in the research and development of these key products for the sector.

Simon's strong engineering academic background, combined with his practical experience, brings innovation to problem-solving involving new and existing products.

In his role as Managing Director of Taranto Ltd, Simon maintains his practical, hands-on style with clients. His sound engineering advice and expert overview often brings substantial savings for customers.

Simon's energy and enthusiasm for the industry combined with his positive attitude provides continued motivation for his team, which results in the top quality experience that all our staff deliver for our clients.