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Mini Piling

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About Mini Piling

We offer various mini piling techniques and pile types.

Mini piling is used where the installation of foundations is restricted by limited access or where the impact of noise or vibration during installation must be reduced.  We are skilled in integrating mini piling with our range of large-scale piling products, to deliver cost and programme savings for clients.

Our range of mini piling techniques include:

  • Bottom Driven Steel Cased Mini Piles (100mm diameter. - 220mm diameter).
  • Top Driven Precast Mini Piles.
  • Top Driven Tubular Steel Mini Piles.
  • Open Hole Auger Mini Piles (150mm diameter. - 300mm diameter).
  • Sectional Flight Auger Mini Piles (150mm diameter. - 300mm diameter).
  • "Down the Hole" (DTH) Open Hole Drilled Mini Piles.
Mini Pile Casing Size (mm) 150 220
Compression (kN) 100 250
Lateral/Shear (kN) 10 20
Tension (kN) 25 50
Moment (kNm) 10 15

Pile capacities subject to review of site specific soil conditions

  • Mini piling 4
  • Mini Piling 5
  • Mini Piling 2
  • Mini Piling 1