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Steel Driven Piling

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About Steel Driven Piling

Steel driven piling can be used for all foundation applications where bearing piles are required for either buildings or structures. They are also suitable for retaining requirements.

Steel bored piles are advantageous for use on contaminated land and brown field sites, as they do not produce site spoil. They also have the advantage of minimal noise and vibration produced during installation.

We have engineered steel piling as an alternative to CFA piling in various ground conditions. This results in enhanced load carrying capacity compared with CFA piling of similar dimensions, due to compaction of the soil during boring. We have noted an increase of up to 30% in load carrying capacity in some ground conditions, with a consequential shortening of the pile length, reducing project costs.

Steel piles are driven in segmental lengths ranging from 3m to 6m to suit the depths required.

Steel Pile Size (mm) 140 178 244 339
Load Capacities:
Compression (kN) 400 600 1000 1250
Lateral/Shear (kN) 30 60 100 150
Tension (kN) 25 50 100 150
Tube Wall Thickness (Nominal) (mm) 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12
Pile Joint Detail:
Compression Only detail
Driven Mechanical Joint
Screw Mechanical Joint - -
Typical Rig Weight (Tonnes) 18-22 22-25 22-25 25-60

Pile capacities subject to review of site specific soil conditions

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