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Bespoke Precast

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About Bespoke Precast

We design and manufacture a wide range of bespoke precast products for industrial and commercial construction projects.

Bespoke precast is produced in factory-controlled conditions, reducing on-site labour and facilitating rapid installation. Taranto’s bespoke precast offering includes:

  • Terracing Units
  • Columns
  • Edge Beams
  • Plinths
  • Taranto at Windsor Park Terracing 2
  • Taranto Vomitory Walls Windsor Park
  • Taranto at Windsor Park Terracing
  • Taranto Terrace Units NI
  • Bespoke Precast On Site 1
  • Taranto Bespoke Precast Product
  • Taranto Retaining Wall
  • Taranto Precast Terrace Units Stadium 4
  • Taranto Precast Stadium Terracing On site 3
  • Taranto Bespoke Precast Product 2
  • Taranto Bespoke Precast Units in stock