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Precast Stairs and Cores

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About Precast Stairs and Cores

Taranto designs, manufactures and installs precast stairs, landings, segmental stair cores and lift shafts.

Taranto stairs, landings and cores are designed to meet specific project requirements, facilitating rapid installation on-site and eliminating blockwork, ultimately reducing labour costs and build schedules.

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  • Bespoke designs
  • Attached landings - top and bottom
  • Half landings
  • High quality finish
  • Range of bearing support
  • Invisible connectors
  • Stair Core In Construction 6 Levels
  • Stair Core in Construction
  • Precast stairs cores thumbnail
  • Taranto Precast Stairs on site
  • P1073842 resized precast stair close up
  • Stair Core Complete van in front
  • Taranto Precast Stairs in stock